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Ms. Haynes

Ms. Dixon 


Sign up for a PTA membership in support of our school! The membership cost is $6 per adult. We would love to have 100% Parent Participation! Joining PTA provides support for our classrooms and students. 

Our Virtual Schedule

We are a Marcus Model classroom.  All of our students receive pull out/separate instruction to meet their needs.  Our classes are overseen by a BCBA and we use the ABA approach that is developed by the Marcus School Consult Program within the state of Georgia.  Daily instruction includes individually/developed Discrete Trial Training Programs, Verbal Behavior/Functional Communication Training, and a variety of instructional strategies designed to increase skill acquisition tracked by the ABLLS-R, AFLS, and/or the VB-MAPP.


Wish List:
Clorox Wipes
Laminating Sheets
Baby Wipes
Latex Gloves
Dry Erase Markers
Fruit Snacks
Mini Oreos
Juice Boxes
(Any Other Edible Items Your Child Enjoys)

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